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Microsoft lapper utætheder i Internet Explorer

Under patch tirsdag i februar, Microsoft har lappet masser af utætheder i Internet Explorer. Problemer i Windows og Forefront security er løst. Two of the seven updates that were released, blev annonceret i sidste øjeblik.

It is MS14-010 og MS14-011, der er udgivelser. MS14-010 løser alt 24 sårbarheder i IE, Hvis sårbarhed blev allerede kendt før opdateringen udkom. Men, there would be no exploits in circulation to exploit those vulnerabilities. Update MS14-011 is intended for a critical vulnerability in the VBScript Scripting Engine, for the vulnerabilities for VBScript and Internet Explorer it was possible for a attacker to execute arbitrary code on the victims computer.

The update for MS14-007 fixes a vulnerability in Direct2D, allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code when a hacked or malicious site is visited. The last critical update is released for Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange. A vulnerability in the security ensured that an attacker could execute arbitrary code as a specially prepared e-mail was scanned.

The other three updates that are released for Windows made it possible for an attacker to increase hisadministrativerights or to retrieve certain personal data and perform a Denial of Service attack. The updates can be downloaded from Windows Update or using the Automatic Update Feature in Windows.